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Global Volcano Risk Alliance

We're dedicated to mitigating the risk from globally impactful eruptions, through international monitoring, preparedness and advocacy for early action.

Volcanoes pose globally catastrophic threats to society through their multi-hazard impacts that can alter the Earth's climate and disrupt our global critical systems. The direct and indirect impacts threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people and anthropogenic climate change intensifies this risk. 

Despite this, there is no international body to help respond and to coordinate monitoring and early warning and preparedness. This means:

Global Volcano Risk Alliance plans to change this

The goal of this charity is to support governments, humanitarian organisations, volcano observatories, communities and academics to become more resilient and prepared for hazardous eruptions

Focus Areas

Our Activities focus on four pillars for the volcanoes and volcanic regions that pose the greatest threat globally 


To ensure early warning and inform timely evacuations

Preparedness and risk reduction

To make regions resilient before, during and after an eruption


To promote greater awareness and investment for volcanic mitigation