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Volcanoes as Global Catastrophic Risks

Lara Mani presented on the global risk posed by volcanic eruptions during the Effective Altruism Global London Conference. (From ~12 minutes). 

How real is the return of a volcanic winter?

Mike Cassidy presented a talk for a business conference called 'Tipping points' in Lithuania 2023.

Relevant news articles

We have appeared in magazine, newspaper, radio and documentary interviews including:

What happens if a supervolcano blows up? 


Mike Cassidy helped with script development for a new short information film on super-eruptions by Kurzgesagt. It has over 8 million views.

The Super-massive Podcast

By the Royal Astronomical Society. On the episode entitled 'The End of the World'.  Mike talks (half-way through), about the global catastrophic and existential risk of large magnitude volcanic eruptions and the ways in which we can minimise the impact of such eruptions. 

Note: Editing by producers makes it sound like the 1815 Tambora event was a super-eruption, it was a magnitude 7 eruption.