Underpinning Research

Here are the links to some key research that informs the strategy of Global Volcano Risk Alliance:

(If you do not have access to these papers, let us know and we can send them to you)

Outlines the extent of the risk, lack of action to date, justification of future investment and potential mitigation solutions

Highlights that risk is concentrated in several geographical locations around global critical systems and can lead to cascading hazards

How global governance of volcano monitoring, preparedness and response could work at the UN-level

This important contribution details the extreme risks that volcanoes pose on modern society

UNDRR report that highlights that volcanic eruptions are rated in the top 5 global hazards with significant escaltation potential

Early warnings for all is critical if we are to prevent disasters, this comment explores ways we need to improve on this front

A book containing a collection of essays exploring the biggest threats facing humanity in the 21st century, inlcuding a chapter on volcanic threats

Volcano monitoring and preparedness is cost-effective compared to the potential costs of disasters

Analysis of the impacts from past VEI 7 eruptions, which volcanoes might pose most risk and their potential impact in the future

Details the importance of local volcano observatories and how we can support them.

Outlines our modern society's vulnerability to natural risks

Assessing the risk of eruptions from volcanoes that have shown little activity previously (and thus likley not monitored)

Identifying the most at risk volcanoes, by assessing population exposure to volcanic hazards in certain regions

An analysis of the fatalities and displacements from recent volcanic eruptions and the influential actions that protect life during crises. 

Summary of the scheme associated with World Volcano observatory organisation (WOVO) to share volcanological data to improve forecasting

Outlining effective strategies to use satellites to aid global volcano monitoring and mitigation

Outlines the successful evacuation of 20,000 people before the explosive La Soufriere eruption in 2021. Provides strategies for other resource-constrained observatories.